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Misfiled Negative

Dec 13th, 2017

Am I the first person with a photo' site to write something critical of my own practice?

Looking for a set of negatives that I have filed under the wrong year, so slowly going through EVERYTHING. Misfilling a neg' is very rare for me, and I am meticulous in my record keeping of negs. But I am recovering from a severe case of Survey Show printing, and as this covered a 24 year period I looked at and considered a lot of stuff. Problem is just one neg sheet placed wrongly in forty eight (48) years worth of negatives

Light table

I can see the sheet in my mind, so I would have reviewed it a few months ago during the final printing for the show

The result of this search is being reminded of some very strange things I have photographed over the years, and the Eclection list for printing gets expanded as a result, and the not-yet-loaded archive pages on this site


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