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Nov 22nd, 2017 • Uncategorised

A new page, 'though some of the images were previously in the Eclection portfolio

"These pictures were often made while I was documenting artists work for catalogues, books and records. As well as a the big Sinar 10x8 and 5x4" cameras I always had a few 35mm cameras with me to make what were often snapshots of visual artists. Musicians were mainly photographed in 35mm from the outset, but there are some square negs I am currently trawling through

Next area is to be writers, including SD, Shadow Dweller, an amazing author, but one of those people who dresses darkly and can always find a shadow to lurk in.; If there are no shadows she is enveloped in a cloak of anti-Leica invisibilty; an invisibility she clings to while exposing the souls of fishermen and sealers and even innocent photographers"


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