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Storiy - Karri Canopy Performance 2005

Dec 2nd, 2018 • Stories

The karri forest canopy aerial performance images were on the 5th of January 2005 near Northcliffe. This session took, I think, four years since the performer first suggested the idea. The image discussed here was made using Kodak HIE infra red film to enhance the feeling of unreality. There is also a set of square images with normal film, but the performer prefers the infra red

She is no longer named, as in these enlightened days of neo-prudery, naming her name on my old websife gave an opeing for the Googlebots to hook into for searches about her.  This in turn affercted her career for a short while

Camera, Nikon F with 105mm Nikkor P or 200mm Nikkor Q lens, film was Kodak HIE infra red film, developed in replenished D76d


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