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Story - Howard Taylor, Northcliffe 1988

Dec 2nd, 2018 • Uncategorised

I had previously visited Howard and Sheila Taylor with Doug Chambers of Gallerie Dusseldorf, at their home and studio a few months before this portrait.  At that time I made a few, a big few, 35mm Nikon F portraits of him.  However, I felt they were too active and did not reflect the quietness that illuminated much of his newer work

This image was with a Rolleiflex, just a normal 80mm lens one, and was after I had finished and HT was returning to his work.  I turned 'round and made this picture, the last on the roll.  Realising something special was happening I quickly put another roll of film in the Rollei and continued the series.  By comparison the roll after this end-frame are boring and lack the particualr quality of quiet animation that this one has


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