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Story - The Armpit 1988

Dec 2nd, 2018 • Uncategorised

.  The subject of this beloved portrait, unnammed for Gogglebot reasons, was modelling belt buckles for a catalogue.  As it was a hot day she was wearing singlets.  Between belt buckle changed she grabbed her armpit hair and said "What do you think of these?"

I thought the image was great, but as we were in the middle of a job with the client there I was not in a position to change lights, get the Tele-Rolleiflex and make this picture.  The next time I met her I suggested the image, but she had changed boyfriends to one do did not like armpit hair.  It then took me about three years* for her to dump him and get a sensible one who appreciates women properly.  Then another six months for the hair to regrow.  Then the picture.  I wanted the pic' to be made without the singlet, but that did not happen


*I could go through my books and work it our exactly, but . . .


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