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Transformed Teleologies

Jan 23rd, 2019 • Uncategorised

I have recently sent eighteen squillion low resolution scans of negatives from 1970 - 1972 of Bath Arts Workshop events to England for selection for a forthcoming book.  This comes just behind my second twenty four year survey show, which has also had an influence on these thoughts

We believe that personal photographs can act as an aide-memoire, but I now dispute this.  We generally costruct transformed teleologies (Teleology in this use is to understand the past from current information).

Looking at and comparing memories of the events recorded in the BAW images with Rae and reading the BAW chronology by Corinne De'Cruz and kindly supplied by Phil Shepherd, I realised that my memories of these events are in part false teleologies structured by my mind.  This is why during the documentaion of the 1990s forest protests in Western Australia I kept a daily journal of events - And why I stress this aspect of documentation in my recent blog post "Taking Pictures - Telling Stories".  By extrapolting from incomplete data and without due care we can end up taking pictures and telling porkies, .  This thought runs parallel with the simple fact that the veracity of the photograph is a myth.

In conclusion, I hold that it is crucial to make careful notes when documenting potentially important historical events, and personal photographs as well, and make sketchies of things - because of the physicality, sketches empower memory in a way that photographing an event does not



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