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John Barrett-Lennard on the photography of John Austin, August 1993

"The photographs of John Austin are sharp, clear and deep... At times stark they are still pleasing, sensuous objects which invite a long, slow look. Deliberately unclouded by colour, and without the distractions of the clutter of everyday life, the use the techniques of a modernist ‘straight’ photography, including a simplicity of tone, volume and form, to concentrate on that which lies before the camera, before the photographer’s eye and in turn that which now lies before the viewer. There is clearly a desire to focus on the essential qualities of the photographer’s subject, to distil something fundamental and to excise a moment of time for later . . ."

John Barrett-Lennard, JOHN AUSTIN, PHOTOGRAPHY 1970 – 1993, Catalogue essay August 1993 Pub UWA ISBN 0 86422 277 7

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