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(Archive) English Littoral 1976-1980

English Littoral, the coast, the beaches, a re-examination of the desolate landscapes that drew me to them as a child.  The odd thing is most were when I was working in Oxford, about as far from the coast as it is possible to be in England.

For simplicity the whole portfolio was photographed with a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex camera. Some early work was with a wooden Gandolfi camera, but wind vibration at Severn Beach caused too many lost negatives, so the Rollei' won.  This change to a small camera made long walks easy and forced the square format of these images.

  • (Archive) English Littoral 1976-1980
Kilve Beach, Somerset 1977 - © John Austin Portsmouth Hampshire UK jbaphoto19790330B02 - © John Austin Kilve Beach Somerset UK.jbaphoto19750428A01 - © John Austin Steart Flats Somerset UK.jbaphoto19770729A01 - © John Austin
Widemouth Bay Cornwall UK jbaphoto19800920A12 - © John Austin Widemouth Bay Cornwall UK jbaphoto19800921E04 - © John Austin Hayling Island, Hampshire UK jbaphoto19800727B04 - © John Austin
Kilve Beach, Somerset UK 1977 - © John Austin Kilve Beach. Somerset UK 1977 - © John Austin Railway Line to Severn Beach, Bristol UK, 1980,  - © John Austin
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