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English Littoral 1976-1980 (Archive)

English Littoral Portfolio

The English Littoral, the coast, the beaches, was an examination of the desolate landscapes that drew me to them as a child.  The odd thing is most were made when I was working at Oxford Polythechnic, now Brooks University, Oxford, which is almost as far from the coast as it is possible to be in England.


For simplicity the whole portfolio was photographed with a Rolleiflex 2.8F twin lens reflex camera. Some early work was with a wooden Gandolfi camera, but wind vibration at Severn Beach caused too many lost negatives, so the Rollei' won.  This change to a small camera made long walks easy and forced the square format of these images.  I never crop an image, never, never ever.

  • English Littoral 1976-1980 (Archive)
Kilve Beach, Somerset 1977 - © John Austin Portsmouth Hampshire UK jbaphoto19790330B02 - © John Austin Kilve Beach Somerset UK.jbaphoto19750428A01 - © John Austin Steart Flats Somerset UK.jbaphoto19770729A01 - © John Austin
Widemouth Bay Cornwall UK jbaphoto19800920A12 - © John Austin Widemouth Bay Cornwall UK jbaphoto19800921E04 - © John Austin Hayling Island, Hampshire UK jbaphoto19800727B04 - © John Austin
Kilve Beach, Somerset UK 1977 - © John Austin Kilve Beach. Somerset UK 1977 - © John Austin Railway Line to Severn Beach, Bristol UK, 1980,  - © John Austin
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