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Snapshots: Signs and Situations


Signs and Situations.

I have always made snapshots, pictures of family and friends, signs and situations.  These snapshots are spontaneous responses and a foil to my more considered protfolios.  In this collection the main portfolios are sometimes referenced.

Exhibiton History

Before 2017 the snapshots were mainly filed and forgotten and rarely printed apart from the images transferred to the Artists Portraits Portfolio.  During discussions in early 2017 with Julian Bowron, then Director at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, about the content of John Austin Survery II I started to consider the snapshots as a portfolio in their own right.  A lot of forgotten material surfaced following these discussions, from Bugis Street, Singapore in 1963, to South Yemen in 1967, to the preparations for the survey show itself.  The snapshots are continuing.


During the preparation of my 2017 John Austin Survey II exhibition I decided on a printed image size of 7 x 11.5" image size.for the snapshots on Fomabrom Variant.  Size selection took a lot of thought and I considered sizes from 5 x 7" to 12 x 16".  I almost settled on 10x8" paper, but ended up using 9½ x 12" for the 7¼ x 11" image size.  Printing for the snapshots is undertaken with the same level of care as my other prints.

None of my images are cropped, ever!  Cropping shows a lack of control and poor camera management.

  • Snapshots: Signs and Situations
Catching Fish, Burrup Peninsula, 1987 - © John Austin Linhof Camera, Waychinicup, 2013 - © John Austin Bronwyn, Denmark, 2013 - © John Austin Bob Hewitt, Fremantle, FotoFreo, 2002 - © John Austin Grub (Fizzgig), Bather's Beach, Fremantle, 2011  - © John Austin Clifton Cafe, Bunbury, 2017 - © John Austin
Gary Aitken, Alcoa Gallery, Mandurah, 2018 - © John Austin Rae Starr, Parry Beach, - © John Austin Old Dunny, Quinninup, 2014 - © John Austin Rae looking at pinhole neg', Quinninup, 2011 - © John Austin Rae stealing Christmas Tree, Grub (Fizzgig) keeping guard, Quinninup, 2011 - © John Austin Crystal, Fremantle, 2011 - © John Austin
Donna placing labels for my survey show, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, 2017 - © John Austin Rae wih Rae in Mural, Manjimup 2014 - © John Austin Rae in Butter Factory Gallery, Denmark, 2014 - © John Austin Wassily Chair, Quinninup, 2018 - © John Austin Lewin Forest Camp, 2019 - © John Austin Wheelbarrow, Spade and Trowel, Quinninup, 2018 - © John Austin
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