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Wheatbelt I - Land

 Wheatbelt I - Land 


Having lived in the forest for twenty five years the WA Wheatbelt feels like another planet, but is adjacent to where we live in the Southern Forest, and to get there is only about 450Km (300ish miles).

Images from new landscapes come to me slowly at first, while the land looks back at and opens to show what it wants shown.  I do not mean by this that I abrogate my active responsibility as a photographer, but that in a situation like this I wait for the images to emerge.

The Wheatbelt will be a new way of seeing for me, broad and open, unlike the closedness of forest. This was phrased by Scottish poet Kenneth White in the introduction to the long poem Walking the Coast "The need for panorama and perspective. . . ".  No lack of those in the Wheatbelt.

In the meantime, just one pic' from the first trip.  Oddly, the salt is framed in a proscenium of trees,

  • Wheatbelt I - Land
Baandee Lake salt, 2020 JBAphoto20201022.01.web.jpg - © John Austin
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