Black and White Photography

Women I England 1970-1980 (Archive)

These images from my early work in England, 1970 - 1980.  They depict women and were made in Bath, West Somerset and Oxford.

Because of digital "sharing" I have deleted most of the images from this website that can identify a specific person.  This has meant showing faceless images, which is a pity, but it is a partial answer to this problem.


  • Women I England 1970-1980 (Archive)
Nude and Reflection Interior Bath England 1971 - © John Austin nude-carpet.jbaphoto19740922A28.jpg - © John Austin
nude-curtain.jbaphoto19791001A.jpg - © John Austin nude-reflection.jbaphoto19710423B24.jpg - © John Austin
nude-window.jbaphoto19710801A16.jpg - © John Austin nude,jbaphoto19700601D26.jpg - © John Austin
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