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2020VISION Exhibition - Rae Starr

Dec 21st, 2020 • ExhibitionsUncategorisedStories

2020VISION Art Exhibition, about how artists responded to the year of Covid19

This exhibition, curated by Rae Starr opened on the 20th of December, Painted Tree Gallery, Northcliffe WA, was a group show about how year 2020 affected artists and influenced their work.  Fiona Sinclair of Southern Forest Arts asked Rae to curate the show, this was Rae's second official curatorial role at Northcliffe.  Artwork was provided by nineteen regional and international artists.  (Artists are acknowedged under pix of their work, reading left to right.)

2023VISION, Ann Rice, Susan Brook, Allison Daubney, Debra Bettoni

2020VISION, Bronwyn Constance, Elmari Steyn, Amara Sinclair-Hill

2020VISION, Olaf Schmit, Karen Wiedermann (sold), Rae Starr

The show consists of paintings, prints, photographs, cyanotyopes, textiles and sculptural objects, all made in the Year of Covid19.

2020VISION, Sally Harrison, UK, Angela Meiergerd, USA

Shelly T

Artists and media exhibitied in 2020VISION

Age range of contributing artists ranged from twelve years upward.  Several works were digital images sent in from international artists.  These were photographed and sent on mobile 'phones, so the image quality varied trom really bad to utterly dreadful.  They were modified in Quinninup, using GIMP, printed at the Northcliffe Community Resource Centre and framed in Quinninup.  This is not an ideal way to present original drawings, but is the only practical way at this time.

2020VISION, Rae Starr opening the event

2020VISION exhibtion opening

The exhibition was opened by Rae Starr.  During the opening there were two perfomance pieces following the brief speaches.

2020VISION, Anna Czerkasow

2020VISION, Fiona Sinclair, her sister Nicole and Shelly T. who was buying one of Anna's rocks.  Fiona was telling me to be quiet or to behave, I don't know which, but it's usually both.

Technobabble These images were made with a Sony a7, selected because being outdated it is cheap and it will function with Nikon and Leica lenses via adapters, but in honesty I have not really taken to it.  It does what I need from a digital camera, but is relegated to use for situations like this.


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