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Apr 2nd, 2018 • Exhibitions

This text started off as a beautiful surprise FB Messsge from a friend in Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, now rewritten by her almost verbatim for the Manjimup brochure:

"Kat Campbell" is a dream! That light splashing about the room disguising the heavy supple presence of the human amongst the artefacts is both blinding and illuminating. It makes me wonder. . ?

John Austin, Kat Campbell, Nude, Fremantle, 2011

And "Woman and Clay" made me so uncomforable I had to look away several times before I could take in the fluid and starkly sensual depicion of a woman embodying nature. To see the goddess innate in every woman hanging in front of me was astonishing and empowering.

John Austin, Woman and Clay with Wrinkles, Goblin Swamp, 1996

Black and white silver gelatine prints! What a joy to see in the flesh, so to speak. It is such a beautifully sleek medium, like a perfectly tailired suit . . .

When discussing the possible responses to the upcoming Austin exhibtiion in Manjimup a curious friend asked what the controversy might be. After I explained  the forest protest and female nunde lines of Austin's work she happily rejoiced that we will have an exhibition that challenges people.

This collection is astonishing, beautiful and insightful."

Rachel Daubney, Northcliffe, 2018


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