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Picture Story - Infant Quokka II 2005

Dec 4th, 2018 • Stories

Infant quokka Setonix brachyurus found in dead mother's pouch on Graphite Road west of Manjimup ajacent to Andrew State Forest, 29 August 2005

As the female quokka's body still gave warmth I took the mother with the infant quokka inside to CALM Manjimup where a CALM/DEC Wildlife Officer, removed the baby quokka from the pouch. It was passed to a qualified animal carer in Northcliffe.  It thrived for a while, but when it started to become active it died

The history of CALM/DEC/DPaW/Whatever, the Forest Products Commission (FPC), logging and quokkas is tragic. Hardly any mention was made of these animals until the Northcliffe For Future Generations group raised the mainland quokka to government and public attention by protesting the logging of a locally known quokka habitat in Nairn 06 State Forest in 2003. Fox and feral pig predation increases following easier access due to habitat destruction

Nikon F 35mm f2 Nikkor Agfa APX400 D76d


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