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Picture Story - Megastump, Gardner State Forest 1999

Dec 16th, 2018 • Stories

Regarding the logging of Gardner 08 State Forest, Peter Beatty, CALM Planning Officer for this block stated "This [Gardner 08] was the most ancient and pristine area [of karri forest] we had. We decided to log it because the timber industry was locked out of Jane and Giblett Forests by protests."

The timber turned out to be "useless" and now lies on the forest floor. I have heard that a video recording was made of Wayne Crombie-Wilson felling the tree to be kept as a trophy.

The Karri tree Eucalyptus diversicolor really was that big. The dimensions were: widest diameter 4.07 metre, circumference around butresses 14.03 metres at cut height.

This is one of my most popular images, with several sales to private collections.

Camera, Hasselblad SWC with fixed 38mm Biogon, film was FP4 developed in replenished D76d.


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