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Rae Starr, Sarah's Boat, Broke Inlet, picture story

Apr 29th, 2019 • Stories

The original negative was made by Rae Starr with her Zero 5x4" Pinhole Camera in December 2017 during a few days at Clare House, Broke Inlet, WA.  Broke Inlet gives us a quiet respite from the noise and bustle of Quinninup.

Rae Starr, Sarah's Boat, Broke Inlet, December 2017, 5x4" contact print from pinhole negative

The 5x4' negative was copied on to lith film to give negatives and positives with tonal drop out, which Rae, being a 1960s girl, really enjoys.  I made a 10x8" lith copyneg for paper prints and a 20x24" lith copyneg for printing on fabric.  The print scanned for showing here is on Saunders water colour paper.

Rae Starr, Sarah's Boat, Broke Inlet, signed 10x8" cyanotype on paper from lith  copy negative

Rae Starr with 20 x24" lith neg of Sarah's Boat for cyanotype on textiles

NOTE - Rae does her darkroom work like Louis XIV, The Sun King, built Versailles, and she takes as much pride in it


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