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Pictures at an Exhibition

Oct 30th, 2018 • Exhibitions


Mandurah Performing Arts Ctr

Pictures from an Exhibtion, more specifically my exhibtion opening at Alcoa Gallery, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Sunday the 14th of October 2019

Gallery interior

Garry rehaning pic

This latest iteration of my Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) touring exhibition was put together by Gary Aitken at Mandurah (see post of 2017-11-07) with Helena Setonick.  The show was opened by Julian Bowron of BRAG.  One picture was hung square when it should have been at 45 degrees, but this was easily cured.  (I have only mentioned this because it gave me a nice snapshot.)

People watching Threnody

The new video display system at Mandurah is providing the best showing of Forest Threnody I have seen

During Julian's speech

Mandurah managed to provide us with the usual cold wet viscious squalls, but on the Sunday afternoon the weather cleared up a bit.  I did my usual escape from the opeing to the nearest pub selling Guinness

Julian Bowron talking with Zena Aitken

After the opening back to Murphy's Irish Pub for more Guinness, dinner and more Guinness.  But not so much that I could not make a quick snap of the gallery from the exterior of ManPAC.  With the new lighting system it is better and cheaper to leave the lights on rather than switch them off and on each day.  And it does look good at night

Mandurah gallery at night

I wish to acknowlege the support of Julian Bowron through the preparation and showing of this entire traveling show, from Bunbury to Busselton, Manjimup, Northcliffe and now Mandurah.  Also the generosity of Bunbury Regional Art Gallery for the loan of their traveling frames for this exhibition.  Without this loan the show could not have happened, as silver gelatine prints on clips are OK for short tem showing, but not for long term or traveling exhibitions


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