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Nikon F camera, Nr 7 in top ten camera series

Aug 5th, 2019 • Photography Gear

Top ten camera series number seven.

I am still using my Nikons from the early to mid 1970s, all bought second hand later on, with lenses from 20mm - 200mm.  These were the cameras, with some Nikon F2 bodies, that I used for the Artist Portraits and Forest Protest, with a few Rollei WA pix.  These cameras put up with heaps and all are still working fine after fifty years - Apart from one

The story:-
During a rest in photographing the Boorara Forest blockade in 2000 a protester, whom I will call Jeff Nixon, was asleep with his jewellery hanging out.  Another protester, whom I will call Peta Sargison, picked up an F and photographed Jeff and his jewels.

That was the last photograph that camera ever made.  It has been taken apart three times and reassembled twice, nothing is broken, nothing is worn, nothing is distorted.  But that camera will not go back together and work.

Let this be a warning.  It is laid to rest, and none of its organs have been used for transplants, apart from the pentaprism, which sits waiting for another body.

Afterthought - I have a Leica IIIg with a couple of lenses, which is good, but when I have to know the images will work I use Nikon.  When I want to look pretty I wear the Leica


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